DFS Value Picks for week 6

Each week I will be putting up my “value” picks for the week. I am going by Fantasydraft.com dollar values and scoring, so adjust accordingly for Draftkings or Fanduel.

$100,000 budget to fill these positions: QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, FLEX, FLEX, TE, DEF

I will give you 3 tiers of players for each position. They won’t always be the best guy at the position, but the guy who I think adds the most value for the price. So use it to mix and match players and optimize your lineups.

Tier 1 – $12,000+

Tier 2 – $9,000-$11,900

Tier 3 – $0-$8900

QB Tier 1 – Philip Rivers $12,500 at Packers

QB Tier 2 – Andy Dalton $11,100 at Bills

QB Tier 3 – position doesn’t go below $10,000 so I’ll pick Blake Bortles $10,600 vs Texans

WR Tier 1 – Larry Fitzgerald $13,700 at Steelers (averaging 2nd most points out of all WR’s, but 11th in price)

WR Tier 2 – Allen Hurns $10,300 vs Texans

WR Tier 3 – Rishard Matthews $8000 at Titans

RB Tier 1 – Matt Forte $13,800 at Lions (look for a bounce back game)

RB Tier 2 – Chris Ivory $10,400 vs Redskins

RB Tier 3 – Danny Woodhead $8700 at Packers

TE prices are lower so tiers will be lower

TE Tier 1/2 – Antonio Gates $9800 at Packers

TE Tier 1/2 – Gary Barnidge $9700 vs Broncos

TE Tier 3 – Delanie Walker $7500 at Titans

DEF prices are lower so tiers will be lower

DEF Tier 1 – Broncos $7000 at Browns (high price, but great matchup)

DEF Tier 2 – Jets $6000 vs Redskins

DEF Tier 2/3 – Vikings $5700 vs Chiefs

So those are my value picks of the week. Pick and choose wisely to maximize your potential and spend the extra savings on some top talent.

Good Luck!!

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