MMA Update! – 11/7/2015

Hey ya’ll!

Hope you are all sitting down, because the first ever MMA Update is bringing some major news!

Legends collide tonight on UFC Fight Night 77 when Vitor Belfort enters the cage to face Dan Henderson. These guys have split their previous 2 matches making this the rubber match. On that card you will also get to see Glover Teixiera vs. Patrick Cummins. Teixeira is coming of a win against the much hyped Ovince St. Preux (OSP).

My money is on Vitor and Teixiera!

Now for some news regarding even bigger legends of the sport!

Bellator has announced their February 19th event headlined by the UFC Hall of Famers Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock. Both have cemented themselves into MMA history with their early 90’s fights.

Royce Gracie (and his family) are known for being a major influence to what we call Brazilian Jiu Jitsu today. Royce won UFC 1, 2 and 4… At UFC 1 Royce defeated Ken in the semi-finals on his way to winning the tournament. At UFC 5 they fought to a draw, and after that fight Royce took a 5 year break in which he fought Nobuhiko Takada at Price FC – Price Grand Prix 2000.

Ken Shamrock has lead a more eventful career after going against Royce back in UFC 5. Ken has fought (MMA) almost 3 times more and in more promotions than Royce. Fighting (and winning) against such legends like: Bas Rutten, Maurice Smith, Masakatsu Funaki, Dan Severn, and Kimo Leopoldo. His last match against Kevin Ferguson was a loss by TKO (punches).

Nonetheless, these guys going at it should make long time MMA fans jump for joy (i’m hitting backflips of joy!). Another worth mentioning fight should be called “Fight for Florida”. It’s a match between one time great friends Kimbo Slice (known for his hard hitting Miami street fights) and Dada 5000 (his name has numbers!!!). Both have fought in the streets and in the cage (Kimbo more than Dada5k), but expect for the best 1st round any 2 street fighters can put together. I don’t expect much after that though.

Alright guys, the date is set and i’m one MMA fan that can’t wait.


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