NFL Week 16 Picks!

Alright, alright, alright… Last week produced an even tighter race for the top of the standings among the guys. Jose ran away with a 4-1 week while Zac and Jeremy landed at 2-3 and 2-2-1 respectively. Aside from Jeremy getting his weekly Tie in there, these next two weeks are going to prove who’s got what it take to defeat the other two and win the bet. For those who do not know, here is what we have on the line…

Losers wear Winner team gear while drinking out of a Das Boot! Pictures will be provided for ALL to enjoy.

Good luck to all the brave fans that sides with us!

NFL Week 16

Jeremy’s Picks:

Panthers (-7) at Falcons: Super Cam is coming to Hotlanta on a mission. 1 step closer to perfection after blowing a 28 point lead last week and luckily squeaking out the win. Atlanta started out hot and looked destined for the playoffs, but those hopes and dreams are long gone.

Jaguars (+3.5) at Saints: My upset special of the week. I am completely giving up on the Saints after monday night losing at home to the Lions badly. Drew Brees could be leaving the comforts of the Superdome next year too. I’ve been high on the Jags most of the season and I believe they will finish strong and look to prepare for a playoff run next year.

Cardinals (-4.5) vs Packers: Both teams are in the playoffs, but Arizona can move up the standings to get a bye week. Carson Palmer loves chucking the ball deep to any of his receivers, and rookie RB David Johnson exploded last week. I see this continuing all the way to the Super Bowl.

Steelers (-10) at Ravens: CHRISTMAS SPECIAL PICK! The Steelers are unstoppable on offense, even against the #1 defense (Broncos) they put up 30+ points and Antonio Brown had a field day. I would probably pick the Steelers if the line was -20, so lock this up boys and girls.

Texans (+4.5) at Titans: The Texans have come out of nowhere to lead the AFC South. They have had 4 QB’s this season and Arian Foster has been out most of the year, but they have done just enough to stay ahead at 7-7 in the AFC’s version of the NFC East (best of the worst teams). DeAndre Hopkins has slowed down lately getting alot more double coverage his way, but he is by far their biggest offensive threat so look for a big game. With Mariota out again, Zac Mettenberger will be starting for the Titans. This could be a low scoring game, so take the points and JJ Watt!!

Jose’s Picks:

Oakland (-6) vs. San Diego: CHRISTMAS SPECIAL PICKThem Chargers have been looking very grim, and with a hungry Raiders team that wants to be back into the W column. They were held to just 20 points against the Packers, but the Raiders are willing to score big time in this game. Honestly, i would have given SD another 4 points!

Tampa Bay (-3) vs. Chicago: Something happened to the Bucs at the beginning of last weeks game. Missed cues and no sense of location held the Bucs to only 3 points in the first half. Luckily for them the game of football is played in four quarters. They manage to come back to what i think is the formula that will lead them to winning the game on Sunday. Chicago has been a roller coaster since the start of the year, and currently at 5-9 shows that they have been down more than up.

Jacksonville (+3.5) at New Orleans: Ah, my beloved underdogs, or should we just change it to underCATS! The Jags have a chemistry among themselves that only behind the locker room door it becomes tangible. Bortles is making his receivers including Allens look like stars, even though he fell off the Top 3 QB with the most TD’s. The Saints are no longer as strong as they were when Katrina hit… A new era is surely to begin.

Miami (-1.5) vs. Indianapolis: So I accepted this pick against a co-worker worth some “jelly-beans” (Thanks Jason!). I was glad to have taken the Dolphins for one simple reason… They are not the Colts! I can’t say they are not going to put up a fight, but ultimately their run game is going to run weak while the passing will look sub-par.

Pittsburgh (-10) at. Baltimore: D’Angelo Williams, Big Ben and Antonio Brown… Enough said…

Zac’s Picks:

Kansas City (-12.5) vs Cleveland:  Arrowhead is a hard enough venue to play at but Cleveland will have their hands full with a dominant Chiefs team who has won 8 straight and finds themselves perhaps a win away from clinching a playoff spot.  This is even more impressive considering they started off the year 1-5.  For the Browns, perhaps Johnny Manziel won’t go out and party during Christmas and stay discipline and this will be a decent match-up.  But I’ve watched this Browns defense too much this year to know that even Alex Smith can pick them apart.

Arizona (-4.5) vs Green Bay:  With both teams clinching playoff spots, this game may be a little trickier to pick.  However Arizona can still clinch a 1st round bye with a win on Sunday.  They have the benefit of going against a Green Bay team that ranks 26th in rush defense and has allowed teams to average 100+ yards rushing on them in each of the last 4 games.  With Arizona’s potent rushing and passing attack, I like the match-up for Arizona at home.

Philadelphia (-3) vs Washington:  Sometimes I get Chip Kelly’s decision making, but most of the time I honestly don’t have a clue what he is thinking. For instance on 4th and 1 last week, why not insert DeMarco Murray into the backfield to gain one yard and pick up the first down. As disappointing as Murray has been, he’s been almost perfect in that type of situation the entire season.  Instead, Kelly opted to put in Ryan Matthews who couldn’t get the push out of him and failed to pickup the yard.  Although that’s one isolated play, that’s the Eagles’ season in a nutshell to me- confusing, counter-intuitive at times, and disappointing. However this coming Sunday I do feel like they will not only defeat the Redskins, but put up huge points against them.  They need to for their playoff lives and I expect the players to get that push out of them whether the head coach tries to inhibit this or not.

NY Jets (+3) vs New England: CHRISTMAS SPECIAL PICKMaybe I’m wrong in choosing this pick but my instincts tell me that this could be a great game.  The Patriots may have a top 5 offense but the Jets are right there, hovering at about the 10th spot in the NFL. Defensively both teams are ranked very high- #6 Defense (Patriots) and #5 Defense (Jets). The Jets of late have found a spark in running back Bilal Powell and mix that with the consistent effort of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brandon Marshall week in and week out and you have a game that looks to be one that heads to the final minute.  I’ll take the home team and the points.

New Orleans (-3.5) vs Jacksonville:  Both teams are out of the playoff race and in one sense the Saints have been a disappointment and in the other the Jaguars have shown flashes of potential.  I don’t like picking games with two teams that on any given Sunday can either be stellar or terribly terrible, but then again isn’t that the parity of most teams in the NFL in 2015?  I’ll take New Orleans the veteran Drew Brees at home.


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