2015-16 NFL Playoff – Wild Card Weekend Pick’em!

It feels like only yesterday the season was just kicking off but wow did time fly by fast! The NFL season is like a funhouse at a carnival with so many twists and turns. No one would have guessed that the 1-5 Chiefs would somehow win 10 straight game and make the playoffs. Or at the start of the season would anyone have predicted that Peyton Manning would get benched injured and watch Brock Osweiler lead his team, only for Manning to return Week 17 and secure the Broncos the #1 seed in the AFC? What about the Washington Redskins, the supposed doormat of the NFC East?  Kirk “You like that!” Cousins took over for RGIII and got hot at the right time in a Division that stunk worse than a drive on the NJ Turnpike on a hot summer day. The Redskins will now host a playoff game against a Packers team who started off looking like Super Bowl contenders, only to back their way into the playoffs.

This definitely was a fun filled season and picking games with the spread was always a challenge. Congratulations to Jeremy on winning the inaugural 3Guys Pickem Challenge! Jeremy finished the year 47-36-2. However just because the regular season is over doesn’t mean we can’t offer our expertise in picking games in the playoffs. Below we present to you our picks for the Wild Card Weekend & will continue to provide our picks as the rounds advance. In addition to picking the games, we will also pick the Over/Under for each game, as many playoff pools include this pick as a requirement as well. Enjoy our picks, the Wild Card weekend, and as always, thanks for following us!



Wild Card Weekend

Saturday, Jan 9th: AFC

  • #5 Kansas City (-3.0) @ #4 Houston [Points: 40.0]
    • Jeremy: Kansas City – Under
    • Zac: Kansas City – Under
    • Jose: Kansas City – Over
  • #6 Pittsburgh (-3.0) @ #3 Cincinnati [Points: 45.5]
    • Jeremy: Pittsburgh – Over
    • Zac: Pittsburgh – Over
    • Jose: Cincinnati – Over

Sunday, Jan 10th: NFC

  • #6 Seattle (-4.0) @ #3 Minnesota [Points: 39.5]
    • Jeremy: Seattle – Under
    • Zac: Minnesota – Under
    • Jose: Minnesota – Over
  • #5 Green Bay (+1.0) @ #4 Washington [Points: 45.0]
    • Jeremy: Green Bay – Over
    • Zac: Washington – Over
    • Jose: Washington – Under


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