NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Pick’em!

The Wild Card round did not disappoint us last weekend.  Besides the Chiefs methodical 30-0 drubbing of Houston, the other 3 games had a lot of drama or as I like to explain them: they contained “great theater”.  One thing we learned for sure is that the dislike between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati could be felt from the players to the fans to even the beer cans that magically found their way directed at Ben Roethlisberger as he was being carted off the field.  Staying with Big Ben, he is still listed as questionable while the likes of DeAngelo Williams and Antonio Brown both have been declared out for Sunday’s match-up against Denver. And speaking of out, Blair Walsh, kicker for the Vikings, should probably spend as much of his off-season as possible away from Minnesota after missing a chip shot that would have put the Vikings up 12-10 late in the 4th Quarter. Seattle will now escape that frigid outdoor college stadium they played in last week and soak in the Charlotte weather where the high of 45 come Sunday will feel like a hot summer afternoon.  Additionally, if you want to talk about “heating up”, it may just be that Green Bay finally has found their mojo or chi just in time to take on an Arizona team that ranks 1st in offense and 5th in defense.  Green Bay will look to avenge their loss 3 weeks ago to Arizona when they lost by 30 points.

The Divisional Round is usually coined as the best playoff weekend in terms of competitiveness and excitement of games.  With some of the match-ups we have below, I hope the pundits are right!  Enjoy the games and our picks below:



Divisional Weekend

Saturday, Jan 16th

  • Jeremy:
    • AFC: #5 KC @ #2 NE (-4.5) over/under (42) – NE/Over
    • NFC: #5 GB @#2 ARI (-7) over/under (50) – ARI/Over
  • Zac:
    • AFC: #5 KC @ #2 NE (-4.5) over/under (42) – NE/Under 
    • NFC: #5 GB @#2 ARI (-7) over/under (50) – GB/Over
  • Jose:
    • AFC: #5 KC @ #2 NE (-4.5) over/under (42) – NE/Over
    • NFC: #5 GB @#2 ARI (-7) over/under (50) – ARI/Under

Sunday, Jan 17th

  • Jeremy:
    • NFC: #6 SEA @ #1 CAR (-1) over/under (43.5) – SEA/Under
    • AFC: #6 PIT @#1 DEN (-5.5) over/under (40.5) – PIT/Over
  • Zac:
    • NFC: #6 SEA @ #1 CAR (-1) over/under (43.5) – CAR/Over
    • AFC: #6 PIT @#1 DEN (-5.5) over/under (40.5) – DEN/Over
  • Jose:
    • NFC: #6 SEA @ #1 CAR (-1) over/under (43.5) – CAR/Under
    • AFC: #6 PIT @#1 DEN (-5.5) over/under (40.5) – DEN/Over

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