2016 NFL Week 4 Picks!

By: 3GuysTalkStuff | Sept 29 2016 | 8:05PM (EST)


Welcome Back!

So another week down and we are coming up to the end of the first quarter of the season already! Along side that we will also be closing in a few stories across the league such as: Who will QB the Pats before Brady’s return? Who will the next RB to fall in the depth of injuries? And which of the 3GTS staff will start wining?!

Below are our overall Pick’em standings from week 3, with our Lock of the Week in parenthesis:

Jeremy:  5-11 (0-1):
Zac:  7-9 (0-1):
Jose: 5-11 (1-0):


Locks of the Week:

Jeremy: Lions (-3) at Bears. Well, its been a rough start this year (the opposite of last year). But we are starting to see what teams are for real and which ones are smoke and mirrors. The Bears have been awful, and even if  Jay Cutler is back you never know which Cutler is going to show up…and that could change in an instant too…The Lions can score and Stafford will be throwing the ball all over the field on the porous defense of the Bears. Its on the road, but I think the Lions are a decent team and the Bears are going to have a pretty nice draft pick for 2017. Give the 3 points and hope bad Mr. Cutler comes to play, or whoever they throw out there to the wolves.

JoseOle’s Makes Mo’nae:  Titans over Favorite Texans by -5.5 points. So here’s my logic… Denzel Washington’s famous words “I don’t scratch my head unless it itches & I don’t dance unless I hear some music.” plays true to my theory in why the Titans will overcome the ill fated Texans. Throw in that i have an insider/trainer with the Titans have been giving me the 1’s and 2’s on who is doing what… And all I can say is I will be doubling up my $$$ with a Titans win!

Show me the Mo’nae!

Zac: My Pick this week is the Carolina Panthers (-3) over the Atlanta Falcons.  I usually stay away from Divisional games because the teams know each other so well and many times the spreads can be tossed out the window.  The Falcons are coming off an impressive 45-32 win over the Saints on Monday night and the Panthers are licking their wounds after getting pummeled by the Vikings 22-10 down in Carolina. The Falcons boast the #1 offense in the NFL and looked every bit of that team last week. However Matt Ryan and his high powered offense will be facing the 3rd ranked Carolina defense and a team that is destined to get back on track.  Cam Newton will have a much easier time getting the offense in rhythm this week than he did against a stout and difficult Vikings defense.  Look for Kelvin Benjamin to be much more involved this week and the Panthers to go 2-2 after Sunday’s game.


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