2016 NFL Week 8 Picks!

By: 3GuysTalkStuff | Oct 27 2016 | 7:05PM (EST)

Oakland Raiders v New Orleans Saints
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The NFL keeps steam rolling ahead as we approach Week 8.  Week 7 brought us some good games (San Diego/Atlanta) and not so good games (Seattle/Arizona). Regardless of where your team ranks in the standings so far, there’s still a sense of optimism that the season is “still young”.  However the reality is the season is fast approaching its mid point as many teams (6 total) have their bye this week.  That leaves us with just 13 games to pick from in Week 8.  But before we do that, let’s review our picks from last week. Below are our overall Pick’em standings from Week 7, with our Lock of the Week in parenthesis:

Jeremy:  6-9 (0-1):
Zac:  4-11 (1-0):
Jose: 8-7 (0-1):
Let’s get the avalanche going with another big week here in Week 8.  Below are our picks for all 13 games this week.  Be sure to check out our Locks of the Week analysis at the bottom:

Locks of the Week:

Jeremy: Lions (+2.5) at Texans

I might be going out on a limb this week, picking an underdog as my lock of the week, but I’m a gambling kinda guy. After seeing Brock Osweiler on Monday Night Football last week and seeing just how awful he is, I can’t see them ever being a favorite in a game. Its basically a toss up because they are the home team and by default get 3 points. The Lions can put up points and if Trevor Siemian can beat the Texans, I’m sure Matt Stafford can too. Lets show Vegas who’s boss!!

Jose:  Falcons (-3) vs Packers

The Atlanta Falcons are looking to capitalize on the Packers weak secondary using Julio “Long Legs” Jones. Falcons high pace offense will be in high gear (take the over) and the only speed bump would be their own Defense and holding Aaron Rodgers to short drives. I say Rodgers because the Packers signed Knile Davis to be the 3rd RB (1st/2nd are currently hurt) and their run game might suffer. Rodgers found Randall Cobb last week and he has a great 1-2 with Nelson and Cobb, but being 1 type offense will hurt.

Putting 10 Jelly Beans as a sign of good faith… It’s time to recover lost funds!

Zac:  Jets (+3.5) vs Cleveland

I may not have had a good week of picks for Week 7 but I have gotten my Lock of the Week correct the last 3 consecutive weeks. I’m picking the Jets this week because I’ve watched enough of the Jets to know that Ryan Fitzpatrick is a smarter QB than to be throwing 11 interceptions so far.  We saw it last week with him coming off the bench after Geno Smith left and managing the game more cautiously.  Despite being on the road, I expect the Jets to keep Cleveland winless regardless if Josh McCown comes back or not.


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