2016 NFL Week 11 Picks!

By: 3GuysTalkStuff | Nov 17th 2016 | 8:20PM (EST)


What a week 10! Our guy Jeremy hurt so bad that he’s still licking his wounds… Didn’t help that Zac got under and Jose was just par. But let’s all forget that last week happened, although my wallet will continue to be empty (C’mon Packers/Falcons!!!).

Week 11 is bringing new opportunities for the 3GTS team. The Panthers will be hosting the Saints, and living in Charlotte you hear the excitement with a short hesitation mainly on which offense will show up… So, like the Carolina Panthers, we hope that we turn this sad, crap filled ship around and get some wins!

Jeremy:  1-13 (0-1)
Zac: 5-9 (0-1)
Jose: 7-7 (1-0)
Let’s get the guacamole filled tortilla filled snack going with another big week here in Week 10.  Below are our picks for all 14 games this week.
Be sure to check out our Locks of the Week analysis at the bottom:
Locks of the Week:

Jeremy: Arizona (+2.5) at Minnesota

Well, the past few weeks haven’t been very good for me. I’m ashamed of my picks. But this week its time to turn it around!! Almost Thanksgiving so get all these pretenders out of the way. Arizona is underperforming and Minnesota is over performing (not recently though). Give David Johnson the rock 30+ times on the ground, in the air…F it, let the guy throw it to himself!! Don’t make me look stupid again Cards, get this W when the Vikings are feeling down.

Jose:  Miami (-1) @ Los Angeles

Taking Miami to LA isn’t the easiest thing, but let’s just say the Rams got their own horns locked up and they can’t see whats in front of them… Ok, so enough similarities to animals and lets take a quick chat about the game…

Goff got the nod to start week 11 against the Dolphins, and it should have started earlier to get him ready for the Dolphins D which gained a top 10 team league in sacks… Goff will be given a short leash on passing and Gurly is still looking for his big game. Now over the Dolphins side and with the O-Line holding up, I see Ajai take it to the promise land multiple times. Dolphins passing game will be limited, but they will make it up on the run.

Zac:  Los Angeles (+1) vs Miami

Miami has found new life behind running back Jay Ajayi, who has proved to be a catalyst and spark for the Dolphins offense.  The Rams, on the other hand, have the 2nd worst offense in the NFL and are looking to Jared Goff to provide them with fuel to an offense which can’t seem to find the endzone.  The Rams are 1-3 at home, however the Dolphins are also 1-3 on the road.  I think the Rams 7th ranked defense will be able to do enough to keep this game close and with limited game tape on Goff, the Rams will be able to get creative and punch out a win in front of the LA faithful.

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