2016 NFL Week 14 Picks!

By: 3GuysTalkStuff | Dec 8 2016 | 7:56PM (EST)Vikings Titans Football

Last week was full of close games and edge of your seat action! Just think back to the Falcons/Chiefs game and how exciting it must have been for the Falcons, who just scored a late 4th Quarter TD and had high hopes of sneaking out a win over the Chiefs, ultimately lose it on this 2 point conversion play:

We also witnessed surging teams that are convincingly looking better and better week by week. These include the Ravens, Lions, and Raiders. Lastly, we finally saw some snowy games that brought the winter elements at the forefront of on field decision making. One things for sure, as the weather gets colder and the elements come into play, there may be a lot more teams choosing to go for two point conversions after touchdowns. Mike Tomlin already has signed up for this regardless of the situation. Maybe the Falcons will abstain.

Before we kick off another awesome week of football, let’s look back at last week and see how the 3Guys did with our ‘Lock of the Week’ results in parenthesis:

Jeremy:  9-6 (1-0)
Zac: 5-9 (0-1)
Jose: 7-8 (1-0)
Be sure to check out our Locks of the Week analysis at the bottom. Feel free to match your picks against ours and see how you do!
Locks of the Week:

Jeremy: Pittsburgh (-2) at Buffalo:

The Steelers are a good team, a very good team at times. They have had an up and down season, but I think they are for real even if the defense is suspect. Sexy Rexy has his team playing well, but I think its a mediocre Bills team at best. Big Ben and company will have no problem moving the ball by land or sea this week. They will give up their fair share of points, but 2 is a little low to go with the Bills, even if it is snowing there (which it could be). Its fantasy football playoff time so all you AB and Bell owners good luck this week, I have a feeling it will be a nice weekend for you all!!


Jose:  Detroit (-7.5) vs Chicago:

Lions and Bears oh my! Sorry, had to get that out the way…

So depending on what glasses you wear you can see 2 sides of the Bears squad. You could be worried about their young, rookie talent and see a team that is on the rise. Or you could see a team that is so desperately thin at talent that they’re forced to rely on young, unproven players. Honestly i think they are more in the middle but not as bad as they could be.

Lions will still need to be careful. The Bears pass rush is their x-factor and if they do make it difficult for Stafford to find openings with their pressure I expect the short game to excel for Detroit.

But in the end, the Lions offense should be more than enough to handle this defense. And on the other side of the ball, the Bears don’t present nearly enough of a challenge to take on the ever improving Lions D. Detroit has no excuses; they need to win this game.

Zac:  Dallas (-3) vs NY Giants:

I always stand by my belief that when choosing teams (or deciding which fantasy players to start), you always need to think with your head & not with your heart. This is a perfect example of that. It’s not that I want the Giants to lose by any stretch, however as a realist, this is a much more refined Cowboys team then they faced in Week 1. Dak Prescott (19TD/2 Int) has this 4th ranked offense attacking at will. Additionally, the Giants losing Jason Pierre-Paul is a much larger hole to fill than most people think. For starters, JPP is a guy who’s motor is always at 110%. Not only has he excelled against the pass, but in my opinion, he’s more pivotal in sealing the edge & stopping the run. Secondly, the reserve DE’s have not had a chance to gain much experience because both JPP and Olivier Vernon have led the NFL in total snap counts this year (810 vs 793). Lastly, I look at the temperature being cold and blustery in NJ come Sunday night, and unfortunately, it does not work out to NY’s advantage, as running the ball with their shaky (most times non-existent) offensive line will prove futile.  It does benefit the Cowboys to hand the ball off to Ezekiel Elliott which I anticipate they will early and often.  I hope I’m wrong on this pick but final score: Cowboys 24- Giants 17.

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