2016 NFL Week 16 Picks!

By: 3GuysTalkStuff | Dec 23 2016 | 3:50PM (EST)


It’s the most wonderful time…. of the season! For many there is still playoff hope for their teams and for others the Fantasy Football season is finishing up. Here at 3GTS, Jose is fighting for an opportunity to take it all while representing the 3GTS crew!

As far as this week’s slate of football games, we are in for a treat in that we get football on Thursday (1 game), Saturday (12 games), Sunday (2 games), and Monday (1 game). Below is a nice summary that ESPN put together showing the current playoff situation:

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 12.40.59 PM.png

Before we kick off another awesome week of football, let’s look back at last week and see how the 3Guys did with all 16 games. Our ‘Lock of the Week’ results are in parenthesis:

Jeremy:  10-5-1 (0-1)
Zac: 10-5-1 (0-1)
Jose: 8-7-1 (0-1)
Be sure to check out our Locks of the Week analysis at the bottom. Feel free to match your picks against ours and see how you do!
Locks of the Week:

Jeremy: NY Giants  (-2.5) at Philadelphia:

Win and they are in, lose and they are still 99% sure they are in. That’s whats up for grabs for the G-Men on Thursday night. Is the run game on the rise, or was that just a mirage? Can the O-Line keep Eli upright? Will OBJ continue to drop balls as much as he makes one handed amazing catches? All things that need to go Big Blue’s way come playoff time. No more soft landings in January, that’s when the real season begins. And for the Eagles…Is Carson Wentz the future? Started off the season hot and has really shown some rookie tendencies of late…This is a divisional game, so I expect it to be a close one…No reason why the Giants shouldn’t cover the 2.5 points though if they plan on going anywhere in the playoffs.

The season is quickly coming to a close, so I need to get into gear and climb back up to .500 on my picks after a disappointing start and bumpy ride…Jose is the top dog right now, from worst to 1st!!

Jose:  San Diego (-6) at Cleveland:

95% of the weekly pick’ems online used the Browns as the team of the year to pick against. With that said, it’s time for me to latch on and ride the wagon to the victory column.

So before I run through all the reasons why the Chargers will win, I must acknowledge that both teams are averaging identical rush yards per game. Ok that’s out of the way… The Chargers will score so much that they needed to grant the Browns a few points to start off. Sorry Browns, but your UN-perfect season will continue.

Zac: NY Giants  (-2.5) at Philadelphia:

I’m agreeing with Jeremy on this pick.. wait should I be?? The Giants are favored by just 2.5 points in this Thursday night matchup and rightfully so as the Giants have struggled at Lincoln Financial Field for as long as Eli Manning has been playing (or so it feels like).  The Eagles will look to limit the Giants’ offense, as many teams have done this year, and thus put the pressure back on the Giants’ defense.  The formula for the Giants to win is to not turn the ball over, something they’ve been successful at doing against the Cowboys and Lions in the last 2 weeks.  If they can protect the ball, play the field position game, and play tough defense, this game will result in a W.  It won’t be easy but I say the Giants win this 24-20.

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