Get to Know the 3 Guys

Thanks for visiting our blog! We are 3 guys who love talking sports & sharing other interesting things that’s on our mind. Our blog is brand new so please check back each day for daily new content. Also, feel free to leave us a comment or send us a message!



A Big City (New York) guy living in the South (Charlotte!), with a passion for Sports, Tech, Video Games, and Yard work (I know, stereotypes… lol). Huge MMA, NY Mets, and SF 49ers fan, so expect to see Jose’s contributions being a little one sided on those topics. With family ties still in the Dominican Republic, the perspective of 3rd world (DR) meets 1st world (USA) combines for a true outside the box experience that he hopes to translate on his post.

112 Jeremy

Working and living in the Metro NY area, Jeremy will be contributing mostly to the Football, Baseball, Poker, and Misc topics of the site. Jeremy is a Giants and Yankee fan and a big poker player. In 2006, Jeremy participated in the World Series of Poker Main Event after qualifying online at FullTilt Poker and turned a $20 investment into  $47,006, finishing 141st out of almost 9000 players.

11900023_10100719123552679_2587480160616643132_n Zac

Zac established most of his sports roots while growing up on the East Coast. Now living outside Los Angeles, Zac approaches sports with a balanced viewpoint, although admittedly, loves being a long distance season ticket holder of the NY Giants. Zac also pays close attention to college basketball, particularly to the Big East, Pac12, and Big West Conferences. In addition, Zac has a passion for personal fitness and wellness.


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